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Pre-K - 12 Education Muskogee

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Pre-K - 12 Education in Muskogee
Muskogee Public Schools
Hilldale Public Schools
Private Schools
Independant Schools
Special Education Schools

Pre-K - 12 Education in Muskogee                                                 [back to top]

There are two primary public school districts in the city of Muskogee: Muskogee Public Schools, which include the vast majority of the city limits and a large portion of Muskogee County, and Hilldale Public Schools, which covers a small southern portion of the city limits and some parts of the County south of Muskogee. Additional smaller school districts serve the smaller communities of Muskogee County.

Notably, Muskogee is the location of the Oklahoma School for the Blind, a special institution for meeting the educational needs of blind and visually impaired students residing in the state of Oklahoma.

Name Type Staff 2014-2015
Muskogee Public Schools                                                                [back to top]
Muskogee Early Childhood Center PreK 20.1 504
Cherokee Elementary K-6 14.3 219
Creek Elementary K-6 19.2 335
Grant-Foreman Elementary K-6 20.1 338
Harris-Jobe Elementary K-6 13.1 204
Irving Elementary K-6 20.0 380
Pershing Elementary K-6 20.1 366
Tony Goetz Elementary K-6 20.1 398
Whittier Elementary K-6 17.9 333
Benjamin Franklin Science Academy PreK-8; Magnet 38.4 557
Sadler Arts Academy K-8; Magnet 19.3 364
Muskogee 7th & 8th Grade Center 7-8 44.8 721
Rougher Alternative Academy 9-12 15 80
Muskogee High School 9-12 96.5 1,580
Hilldale Public Schools                                                                    [back to top]
Hilldale Lower Elementary PreK-2 28.2 516
Hilldale Upper Elementary 3-5 24.5 411
Hilldale Middle School 6-8 27.0 417
Hilldale High School 9-12 33.0 512
Private Schools                                                                               [back to top]
Boulevard Christian School K-12 8.3 54
St. Joseph Catholic School PreK - 8 11.9 102
Independent Schools                                                                      [back to top]
Braggs Head Start Head Start; Ages 0-5 ND 29
East Campus Head Start Head Start; Ages 0-5 ND 60
Muskogee County Head Start Head Start; Ages 3-5 ND 478
Shawnee Head Start Head Start; Ages 3-5 ND 20
Jack & Jill Learning Center PreK; Ages 0-5+ ND 60
Little Okie Academy PreK; Ages 0-5+ ND 77
Muskogee Medical Cntr. Child Care PreK; Ages 0-7+ ND 125
New Bennings Child Care Center PreK; Ages 0-7+ ND 30
Oak Tree Academy PreK; Ages 0-7+ ND 80
Precious Little Angels PreK; Ages 0-7+ ND 72
Schools Out Early Childhood Cntr. PreK; Ages 0-7+ ND 30
The Academy PreK; Ages 0-7+ ND 25
Wilkersons Child Care Center East PreK; Ages 0-7+ ND 92
Wilkersons Child Care Center West PreK; Ages 0-7+ ND 51
Special Education Schools                                                              [back to top]
Oklahoma School for the Blind Spec. Ed., PreK-8 ND 52
Oklahoma School for the Blind Spec. Ed., 9-12 ND 37
Source: OK Dept. of Education and National Center for Education Statistics
Last Updated: 08/3/2016

ND: Non-Disclosed

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