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Newspapers around Muskogee
TV broadcast stations around Muskogee
Strongest AM radio stations in Muskogee
Strongest FM radio stations in Muskogee

Newspapers around Muskogee                                                 [back to top]
Name Type Location
Muskogee Phoenix Daily Muskogee, OK
The Baconian Weekly Muskogee, OK
The Current Monthly Tahlequah, OK
Tulsa World Daily Tulsa, OK
The Daily Oklahoman Daily Oklahoma City, OK
The Journal Record Daily Oklahoma City, OK


TV broadcast stations around Muskogee                                  [back to top]
Name Station Network Location
KJRH Channel 2 NBC Tulsa, OK
KOTV Channel 6 CBS Tulsa, OK
KTUL Channel 8 ABC Tulsa, OK
KOED-TV Channel 11 PBS Tulsa, OK
KOKI-TV Channel 23 FOX Tulsa, OK
KTFO Channel 41 TNT Tulsa, OK


Strongest AM radio stations in Muskogee                                 [back to top]
Name                  Station Location
KMUS 1380 AM Muskogee, OK
KBIX 1490 AM Muskogee, OK
KXTD 1530 AM Wagoner, OK
FAQ 1170 AM Tulsa, OK
KRMG 740 AM Tulsa, OK
KAKC 1300 AM Tulsa, OK
KTBZ 1430 AM Tulsa, OK
KOMA 1520 AM Oklahoma City, OK
KFAY 1030 AM Farmington, AR
KYHN 1320 AM Fort Smith, AR
KWHN 1650 AM Fort Smith, AR
KGHT 880 AM Sheridan, AR
KGGF 690 AM Coffeyville, KS


Strongest FM radio stations in Muskogee                                 [back to top]
Name                 Station Location
KMMY 97.1 FM Muskogee, OK
KTFX 101.7 FM Muskogee, OK
KHTT 106.9 FM Muskogee, OK
KTFX-FM 102.1 FM Muskogee, OK
KCXR 100.3 FM Taft, OK
KNYD 90.5 FM Broken Arrow, OK
KMYZ-FM 104.5 FM Pryor, OK
KJMM 105.3 FM Bixby, OK
KWGS 89.5 FM Tulsa, OK
KBEZ 92.9 FM Tulsa, OK
KWEN 95.5 FM Tulsa, OK
KRAV-FM 96.5 FM Tulsa, OK
KMOD-FM 97.5 FM Tulsa, OK
KJSR 103.3 FM Tulsa, OK
KTKL 88.5 FM Stigler, OK
K204EW 88.7 FM Poteau, OK
KARG 91.7 FM Poteau, OK
KZBB 97.9 FM Poteau, OK
KMAG 99.1 FM Fort Smith, AR
KTCS-FM 99.9 FM Fort Smith, AR

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