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AIM: Combined Initiative Committees

COMBINED INITIATIVE COMMITTEES & CHAIRS                          [back to top]
Education Excellence  Gwen Coburn 
Great Community Doug Walton
Safe and Secure  Reggie Cotton
EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC PROGRESS                                       [back to top]
Committee Agenda 12-16-13 12-11-13
Committee Summary 1-13-14 1-20-14
GREAT COMMUNITY                                                                         [back to top]
                                                                                   RELEASE DATE
Great Community Agenda  11-21-13 11-21-13
Great Community Meeting Minutes 11-23-13 1-13-14
Community Infrastr Mtg Minutes 12-19-13 1-22-14
Community Infrastr Meetin Agenda 1-16-14 1-22-14
Great Community Meeting Minutes 1-29-14 2-25-14
Great Community Meeting Agenda 2-26-14 2-25-14
Great Community Meeting Minutes 2-26-14 2-24-14
Great Community Meeting Agenda 3-26-14 3-24-14
Great Community Meeting Minutes 3-26-14 4-23-14
Great Community Meeting Agenda 4-23-14 4-23-14
SAFE AND HEALTHY COMMUNITY                                                   [back to top]


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Breaking News
Muskogee Manufacturers Investing Millions

Existing Muskogee industrial companies are finding the area bullish on business. Port of Muskogee's Economic Development Director Marie Synar said local manufacturers have invested heavily.

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