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AIM: Combined Initiative Committees

COMBINED INITIATIVE COMMITTEES & CHAIRS                          [back to top]
Education Excellence  Gwen Coburn 
Great Community Doug Walton
Safe and Secure  Reggie Cotton
EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC PROGRESS                                       [back to top]
Committee Agenda 12-16-13 12-11-13
Committee Summary 1-13-14 1-20-14
GREAT COMMUNITY                                                                         [back to top]
                                                                                   RELEASE DATE
Great Community Agenda  11-21-13 11-21-13
Great Community Meeting Minutes 11-23-13 1-13-14
Community Infrastr Mtg Minutes 12-19-13 1-22-14
Community Infrastr Meetin Agenda 1-16-14 1-22-14
Great Community Meeting Minutes 1-29-14 2-25-14
Great Community Meeting Agenda 2-26-14 2-25-14
Great Community Meeting Minutes 2-26-14 2-24-14
Great Community Meeting Agenda 3-26-14 3-24-14
Great Community Meeting Minutes 3-26-14 4-23-14
Great Community Meeting Agenda 4-23-14 4-23-14
SAFE AND HEALTHY COMMUNITY                                                   [back to top]


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Breaking News
Advantage TerraFab to Expand

The Port of Muskogee has announced a partnership with Advantage TerraFab to create 30 new jobs and relocate the company to a 50,000 square-feet-facility at the Muskogee Industrial Park.

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The Muskogee Business Development office is located at 216 West Okmulgee in downtown Muskogee, Oklahoma.