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Commission Approves Funding for Aviation Education Programs
Economic Impact of Aviation and Aerospace Industry in OK
Oklahoma Airport System Plan
Strategic Plan for the Growth of Oklahoma's Aerospace Industry
Climatology [back to top]
Muskogee County_Climatological_Quick Facts
Muskogee County_Climatological_Detailed Report
Demographics / Labor Force [back to top]
Demographics_City, County, State and US_12_2014
Muskogee County Industry Overview Report_2014-2015
Muskogee County Industry Overview Report_2010-2020
Muskogee County Wage Rates_07-2015
Muskogee Economy Overview - 45 min. commute
Muskogee Engineering Report - 45 min. commute
Muskogee Production Report - 45 min. commute
City of Muskogee Unemployment Rates_2005-2015
Muskogee County Unemployment Rates_2005-2015
Oklahoma Unemployment Rates_2005-2015
United States Unemployment Rates_2005-2015
Education [back to top]
Hilldale Public Schools District Report Card 2014
Muskogee Public Schools District Report Card 2014
Healthcare / Emergency Services [back to top]
Muskogee Health Services Directory
Incentives [back to top]
2015 Oklahoma Business Incentives and Tax Information Guide
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Application for Manufacturers
Permitting [back to top]
Muskogee Building Permit Flow Chart
Muskogee Building Permit Application
Commercial Hazardous Waste Receiving Sites in OK
ODEQ Air Quality Permits_Fact Sheet
Ports & Waterways [back to top]
McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System_Inland Waterway Map
National Waterway Conference Newsletter
Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation Inland Waterway Map
Railroads [back to top]
Oklahoma Railroad Map
Union Pacific_Oklahoma Fact Sheet
Union Pacific_Guidelines for Rail Service to New Industry Locations_May 2015
Union Pacific_List of Consultants and Track Contractors Acceptable to UPRR for Industry Track Projects in OK
 Traffic Counts  [back to top]
City of Muskogee Traffic Count Map
City of Muskogee Traffic Counts
Muskogee County Traffic Count Map
Muskogee County Traffic Counts
 Utilities  [back to top]
City of Muskogee_Utility Rates_10-2014


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