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Greater Muskogee Manufacturers Alliance (GMMA)


The Greater Muskogee Manufacturers Alliance (GMMA) was created in July 2008, by Muskogee Development’s Established Industries Committee per requests by manufacturers to have a forum specific to their industry.

GMMA provides an opportunity for area manufacturers to build their networks, learn from each other’s experiences, hear from subject matter experts, and deliver a unified voice for the local manufacturing community.

Participation ranges from small privately-held manufacturers with less than 10 employees to large publicly-traded manufacturers with over 500 employees.  GMMA's membership consists of over 170 individual members, representing 60 local manufacturers, who together employ nearly 4,000 workers (25% of Muskogee’s workforce).

100% manufacturer driven, GMMA holds bi-monthly meetings with topics chosen by a consensus of the membership.  Most meetings are held at member facilities and are followed by plant tours, allowing members to benchmark themselves and learn best practices.

Members have shared cost saving opportunities such as adopting energy efficient lighting and lean manufacturing, heard from experts on healthcare reform and safety in the workplace, and have initiated dialogue with area legislators and government leaders on issues impacting their businesses.

The Port of Muskogee Industrial Development Office staff continues to support GMMA by coordinating meetings, identifying speakers, and facilitating communication for the group.


Chairman – Eric Elgin, Sales and Customer Service - Oklahoma Interpak

Vice-Chairman – Brian Lanham, Executive Vice President, Manufacturing Operations - Acme Engineering & Manufacturing

GMMA Review

Click Here to download the GMMA 2008-2015 Review, which includes a breakdown of the topics and speakers by month and a list of members and partner organizations.

GMMA YouTube Channel

Click Here to view past GMMA meetings on our YouTube Channel.

Meeting Information

For more information, please call (918) 682-7887 or email to marie@muskogeeport.com.


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