Frix Praises Muskogee Workforce Designation

State Rep. Avery Frix, R-Muskogee, commented on the announcement that Muskogee has been designated as one of nine Centers for Workforce Excellence under the Oklahoma Works Together program. The program establishes a local, industry-based workforce model that can be used to help existing businesses find workers and attract new industry to the state.

“Muskogee and the Port of Muskogee is a key entryway into the state of Oklahoma with many beneficial assets to area residents and employers,” Frix said. “This designation and its alignment between workforce and education will allow us to continue to expand the number of jobs we offer and to attract additional business and industry to our area of the state. This in turn will benefit our local economy, that of our entire region and our great state.”

The Muskogee County CWE brings together education, industry and community partners to provide a talent pipeline for current and prospective industry. The designation will build on the area’s longstanding collaborative partnerships and coordinated workforce delivery system, and includes representation by employers, industry-led associations, educational institutions, training providers, workforce partners, tribal governments, state agencies, and non-profit organizations

Article by: Leif M. Wright

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