Our View: Aviation Welcome Here

It’s exciting to think that Muskogee could soon recruit aviation and aerospace companies.

The industry is reported to be the state’s second largest, with an economic impact of about $44 billion annually, and Muskogee officials are finding ways to bring some of that money to Muskogee.

The Port of Muskogee’s Industrial Development Office has announced plans to invest in the aviation and aerospace industry. Industrial Development Director Marie Synar said a tax incentive offered by the state generated “an increased number of leads for both the state and Muskogee.”

Synar persuaded the Muskogee City-County Port Authority to invest in the production of video materials to help recruit aviation and aerospace companies.

The marketing recruitment video is expected to highlight the port’s proximity to Muskogee-Davis Regional Airport and the infrastructure available to local industry. Synar said the completion of the airport’s master development plan, a project approved in July 2019 by city councilors and expected to be completed by year’s end, will complement these promotional efforts.

The port and the city will share the $10,500 cost of the recruitment video.

The creation of a video that touts the positive aspects of Muskogee should put Muskogee on par with other cities around the state and beyond. We understand the video will be designed to help recruit aviation and aerospace companies, but what a great way to show off the rail, roadways and waterways also available here to meet the needs of industries seeking new locations.

Article by: Muskogee Phoenix Editorial Board

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