Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions Company Coming to Muskogee


The Muskogee City-County Port Authority announced an agreement with Core Scientific,
Inc. (NASDAQ: CORZ) (“Core Scientific”), a leader in high-performance, net carbon
neutral blockchain infrastructure and software solutions, to develop a 500 Megawatt data
center at the Port of Muskogee John T. Griffin Industrial Park.

The Muskogee data center will be developed in phases with initial operations to begin in late
2022 and completion expected in 2023. Core Scientific’s proprietary Minder® fleet
management software will enable the Muskogee data center to curtail electricity consumption
in response to the needs of the local electricity provider, contributing to local grid stability.
Core Scientific employs this valuable curtailment technology in all of its data centers.

“We applaud the Muskogee City-County Port Authority for recruiting Core Scientific to the
area,” said Alba Weaver, senior manager of community affairs and economic development for
OG&E and Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance board member. “Muskogee’s business-friendly
environment and location near key transportation infrastructure combined with OG&E’s reliable
and affordable electric service make for a great partnership. We look forward to supporting Core
Scientific’s growth in the region.”

Core Scientific’s planned investment will bring dozens of high tech jobs to the area over two

Muskogee Mayor Marlon Coleman called the project “one of the largest economic development investments in Muskogee history.”

“Core Scientific’s plan to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure, land
development, and jobs, changes the paradigm for development in Muskogee,” Coleman said.

“With their investment and employment plans, Core Scientific perfectly complements
our jobs strategy for creating a live, work, and play community. Our partnership with the
Muskogee City-County Port Authority is producing results in unimaginable ways and the
recruitment of Core Scientific is proof that together we are turning dreams into realities for
the people of Muskogee. We want to thank Core Scientific for choosing Muskogee and
helping us to be great.”

Core Scientific’s investment is the third major economic development announcement for the
community in recent months.

“The partnership between the Port Authority and the City of Muskogee is rapidly culminating
in opportunities that are exciting for all of us,” said Port Director Kimbra Scott. “This is what
our economic development efforts are all about, bringing industries to Muskogee that will
provide excellent job opportunities, and we anticipate more exciting announcements soon.”
“It was a pleasure to help locate this project in Muskogee, thanks to the professionalism and
innovative thinking provided by the Port,” said Richard Cornelison, economic development
manager for OG&E. “Our team has worked for about three years to help locate this project.
Industry needs continue to evolve and OG&E’s efforts to locate capital and energy-intensive
projects in communities that can meet those needs, such as Muskogee, is our primary
objective in economic development. I’d like to thank and congratulate Muskogee on another
successful project location.”

The City of Muskogee Foundation will consider approval of Core’s SIP application at their
next regular scheduled meeting.

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