Two Muskogee Companies Awarded State Grant

Muskogee, OK- The Oklahoma Department of Commerce announced the award of $9.24M for Oklahoma businesses for the Oklahoma Innovation Expansion Program (OIEP). The funding will facilitate $58.065 million in projects. These companies plan to create 767 jobs with a total payroll of $35.4 million.

“We are excited to announce this impressive round of OIEP funding to help businesses and continue to grow our own here in Oklahoma,” said Brent Kisling, Commerce Executive Director. “Every $1 in OIEP funding is leveraging $5.28 in private sector funds to complete projects, creating a great ROI for the state while providing Oklahoma companies with a unique opportunity to diversify their operations.”

Two Muskogee businesses are among the list of awardees including OK Interpak and ProForm. Both companies will receive funding to match investments being made by the companies in their facilities in Muskogee. Both companies will be adding technology to their plant as they address building a highly skilled workforce.

“The investment the state is making in our business will provide a way for which our business to stay competitive and thriving in Muskogee,” said awardee, Eric Elgin, OK Interpak.

OIEP makes monthly cash payment awards in the form of payroll tax rebates to help existing companies grow and boost business expansion investments in Oklahoma. To receive an award, the new projects had to be innovative projects that expand capabilities of an existing company, lead to supply chain resiliency, or be designed to target new markets. Companies were required to have a minimum annual payroll of $625,000 with a minimum capital investment of $50,000. When reviewing the applications, Commerce took into consideration: amount of capital investment from the company, the ratio of private sector dollars leveraged from OIEP awards, number of existing jobs, number of projected new jobs and the average wages paid to employees. Projects were required to provide a net positive benefit for the state.

“We are thrilled with the state investment in two growing companies. Our staff works to make sure that local businesses understand how to pull the trigger on statewide programs. Muskogee continues to win,” said Port of Muskogee Director, Kimbra Scott. The Port of Muskogee is the lead organization for industrial recruitment and retention per a contract with the City of Muskogee.

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