Paradigm Shift, shifting the Workplace

Muskogee, OK – From rich diversity to unique approaches to problem solving, this Oklahoma based company is putting Muskogee on the map. Paradigm Shift is a local company based out of downtown Muskogee. Employing 55 interns this summer, having over 100 contracted facilitators and seasonal workers and a full-time staff of 25, they are breaking the barriers of what is considered the norm.

“I think it is a preconceived notion and incorrect bias to think you have to live in a certain area or be in a certain demographic to achieve success,” explained Jerrod Murr, Oktaha native and Founder and CEO of Paradigm Shift. “We’re going to do something incredible in Muskogee.”


Paradigm Shift is all about creating effective, healthy and dynamic leaders. They offer clients the necessary tools for a thriving work environment. They can also help with identifying and developing new leaders as current leaders leave or retire.


“I think one of our greatest strengths is a willingness to change and adapt, whether that is in our material, working with groups or our internal structure,” explained Murr. “We are constantly changing and we are growing. In a fast-paced world you have to change quickly.”


Along with facilitating dynamic leaders, Paradigm Shift exhibits what a truly diverse workplace can look like. Not only culturally diverse but also having a direct interest in employing different minds is setting them apart from a lot of industries.


“One of our core values is to be fiercely inclusive,” said Bryan Harris, First Class Leader Representative of Paradigm Shift. “We do a lot of tribal work with low-income first-generation students and we do a lot of PBI grants and HBCUs. We do a lot of work in different sectors and with that you run into a lot of diverse crowds, so the more diverse our team can be and is, and effective within that diversity, then the more effective we’re going to be with the groups we are able to work with.”


Paradigm Shift offers interns a myriad of opportunities when it comes to what they do during the internship. PS breaks up their interns into groups so that some may travel to different locations and work, while others stay based in the downtown Muskogee office. Each group that is made has a specific purpose and goal to reach by the end of the internship.


“They’ll provide you an opportunity to do just about anything you want to,” Haylee Floyd, Paradigm Shift Intern from Oklahoma State University. “They help guide you in ways that you wouldn’t expect from an internship. They give you work that is beneficial and they don’t let it feel like it is just busy work. They really contribute to your future in so many aspects that other internships don’t. You don’t ever get treated like just another intern.”


At Paradigm Shift, they believe workplace culture is created to achieve desired results. To accurately and effectively craft corporate culture, PS shows that you must have a clear vision for your business’s future, and the active steps you can take to get you there.


“My verbiage has grown over the years because I no longer say I want to change the world, just because that has a somewhat grandiose idea behind it,” explains Jerrod Murr, Founder and CEO. “Instead, I now say I want to make the world a better place. We need people that are championing that cause. That are carrying that banner that continue to bring that hope, that continue to bring that idea and showcase it in front of people no matter how old they are.”


Creating change that is positive is something that every intern at Paradigm Shift learns early on. From getting shy people to engage in activities or having a participant thank a facilitator after an event, creating that change is inherent to the internship.


“We try our best to create positive change,” said Justin Hill, Paradigm Shift Intern from Oral Roberts University. “We go into different school districts, colleges, business environments and we use the beauty of activities to explain leadership skills, team development, conflict resolution and more.”


Paradigm Shift offers companies and different groups ways to grow and bond through physical activities. PS can travel where they need to depending on the client’s preference. Once on location, the fun begins.


“Everything we do here in house is all experiential based education training,” explained Bryan Harris, First Class Leader Representative of Paradigm Shift. “It is all hands on activities, working with groups through activities and challenges to mimic real world scenarios and then process through what that scenario looks like in the real world.”


Having two different sides of the company, the corporate side and the education side, make the learning aspect of the activities unique. Because how someone learns over the age of 30 is far different than how someone at the age of 14 will learn.


“At Paradigm Shift we do activity-based learning,” said Carter Wisdom, Paradigm Shift Intern from Northeastern State University. “We do tactile hands-on activities then debrief it. It has really made me more confident and made me more equipped when working with other things in life.”


Intern Jenuwyn Boydston from Northeastern State University said it best, “This company has heart behind it. They have drive and passion. Everyone here loves doing this and people we work with can see that through us.”


“I don’t know if it is by nature or nurture but my entire life, I just wanted to change the world- do something impactful,” said Jerrod Murr, Founder and CEO. And that is exactly what Paradigm Shift is doing, impacting Muskogee.