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Situated in northeast Oklahoma, Muskogee is located directly on US-69, one of the most important north/south corridors in the nation, and has easy access to east and west coast markets via Interstate 40 located just 20 minutes to the south, and Interstate 44 located 40 minutes to the north.

Muskogee’s central location allows for same-day shipping to 26 of the 50 states and next-day shipping to all 48 of the mainland states using the interstate system.

US-64 (north/south)
US-69 (north/south)
Muskogee Turnpike (north/south)
US-62 (east/west)
OK-165 (east/west)
I-40 (20 minutes south)
I-44 (40 minutes north)
I-35 (indirect access via I-40 2 hours west)
Oversize and overweight cargo moves to and from Muskogee over approved routes maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.  Permits for oversize and overweight cargo are issued by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.
Click Here for more information on Oversized and Overweight Cargo.


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Regional Map


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Distance from Muskogee to Major Cities  
CityMilesDrive Time
Albuquerque68211 hr.
Atlanta76012 hr. 6 min.
Chicago70411 hr. 40 min.
Dallas2334 hr. 11 min.
Denver74712 hr. 9 min.
Houston4578 hr. 23 min.
Kansas City2594 hr. 48 min.
Little Rock2293 hr. 36 min.
Los Angeles1,46623 hr. 3 min.
New Orleans63911 hr.
New York1,35423 hr. 23 min
Oklahoma City1382 hr. 27 min.
St. Louis3996 hr. 36 min.
Tulsa5458 min.