Cost of Living

The 2020 Composite Index for Muskogee is 80.8

Muskogee is the #6 least expensive city in the nation, and with low costs residents enjoy a much higher standard of living.

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Cost of Living Annual Index

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Annual Index Comparison

 Muskogee, OKLittle Rock, ARDallas, TXDenver, COSan Diego, CANew York, NY
Composite Index80.096.3107.6111.1141.1245.7
Grocery Items88.393.8101.494.2113.8144.0
Health Care82.498.0110.5100.0107.1109.4
Misc. Goods and Services85.6104.1106.1109.9110.7133.2
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NOTE: Information gathered by C2ER, a community and economic research council, who receives pricing information from participating communities across the nation.  The average of the index measuring prices of goods and services for the 273 participating communities nationwide equals 100.  Each city’s index is read as a percentage of the average for all participating cities.

Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Survey, Q4 2016, Q4 2017, Q4 2018, Q4 2019, Q4 2020