Oversized & Overweight Cargo



Permit applications for oversize and overweight cargos on Oklahoma state highways may be made through any permit office, or on-line Here for cargos within the following guidelines:

Max height – 14 feet

Max width- 16 feet

Max length -110 feet

Gross weight – under 120,000 lbs

Permit applications for cargos exceeding the above limits should be made to one of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Size and Weights Permit Service Centers in Oklahoma City or Tulsa. Size and weight load limit information is available in the service centers enabling them to issue same day permits in most cases. In unusual cases where cargos do not conform to the OLI Drawings that are maintained in the service centers, applications must be made to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in Oklahoma City and could take up to five days to permit.

Permit fees applicable to oversize and overweight cargo:

Oversize cargo – $20

Overweight cargo – $20 + $5/1000 lbs over 90,000 lbs