Target Industries

Construction Materials

Muskogee has major advantages for the construction material industry. From shipping and receiving materials by barge to sourcing material right in the company’s own back yard, Muskogee offers the construction industry the perfect location to do business. Utilizing Muskogee’s multimodal transportation assets allows construction material to be shipped and received at a low cost, allowing higher profit margins for companies located here.

Muskogee is home to Daltile and Meridian Brick, the leaders in flooring and brick production in the U.S, as well as many regional suppliers. The developed supply chain and trained workforce contribute the success of the existing industry sector. Muskogee’s low cost to do business, abundant land for industrial use allow the perfect colocation opportunity for additional construction material companies and suppliers.


Metal Fabrication

With more than 6 times the national average of metal fabrication businesses, this target industry is booming in Muskogee. With over 300 metal fabrication jobs, the region has an existing pool of experienced workers and local education options offer industry specific training to keep the workforce pipeline flowing.

The Port of Muskogee offers affordable options for transporting steel coils and wire, rebar and other metal products. Barge transportation allows for cost savings on shipment of raw materials and large rail-served sites guarantee efficient material delivery for local companies.

Muskogee’s metal fabrication industry is diverse with international companies like Vallourec making specialty seamless pipe for the oil and gas industry to home-grown, family companies like Advantage Terrafab. Advantage Terrafab has capitalized on Muskogee’s central location and ability to source products to grow their company from a garage concept to a 65,000 square foot high-tech facility.


Food Processing

The food and beverage industry are comprised of companies involved in producing and sourcing food, the processing of raw food material, packaging, and then distributing them in the marketplace.  This includes fresh, prepared foods as well as packaged foods, and alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

Low cost and ample utilities including reliable power and affordable water rates, agriculture and livestock sourcing in rural areas with potential for form-to-fork initiatives and an extensive transportation network makes Muskogee an attractive location for companies in the food production industry.

Muskogee’s geographic location provides an advantage to food processing companies that need easy access to raw materials and the ability to quickly transport products to market.  Its central location allows for same-day shipping to 26 of the 50 states and next-day shipping to all 48 of the mainland states using the interstate system.

Muskogee has a rich history in food manufacturing dating back to the early 1900s with Griffin Foods. Griffin Foods is a regional household favorite of mustard, syrup, jam and jellies. Today, Griffin’s is joined by many others including an international giant, Refresco, that makes the beverage industry’s most popular brands of bottled tea, juice and energy drinks.