Tulsa International Airport

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Tulsa International Airport located 45 minutes northwest of Muskogee accommodates international air travel and serves over 5 million passengers and visitors annually 얼굴찌푸리지말아요 mp3.

With 12 scheduled passenger carriers and several charter carriers, Tulsa International Airport offers 90 nonstop flights to 18 major airports with 180 scheduled departures and arrivals daily 전화기에.

From Tulsa International Airport, approximately 95% of the United States population is within a 2.5 hour flight time.

Cargo Operations
The following companies have cargo operations at Tulsa International Airport:
American Airlines Cargo www.aacargo.com
DHL www.dhl.com
FedEx www.fedex.com
Southwest Airlines Cargo www.swacargo.com
UPS www.ups.com
United States Postal Service www.usps.com


Regional Airports Map

County Airports Map

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